Take the time to condition your body from head to toe and from the inside out – your heart, joints and spirit will thank you ! Solo or “en famille” our classes focus on quality, security and inclusion. So, everybody really is welcome !

Slow+Strong – Slow down and savor it 
We’re going to take the rythme down a notch, slow it down and go for depth. This body weight strength training class is about quality over quantity. Slowing down movements like lunges and push-ups will allow you to focus and tune in to your body like never before.

All Levels
60 mins

Strong A.F – Strong Abs and Fessiers !
This class is a full body conditioning class with a major focus on your core and glutes. If you love to feel the burn, this class is for you !

All Levels
60 min

Stretch+Core – Good to the core
Flexibility, mobility, fluidity and core strength are what this class is all about. A little bit of barre au sol, a little pilates, a little yoga, a touch of “renfo” and you are walking out of class feeling taller and stronger.

All Levels
60 mins

Family Fit – Because the family that moves together … 
The class for every body and every age. Come as a family for a playful hour of games and movements. Fun and laidback, it won’t feel like a WORKout but more like la “recré.”

All Levels
All Ages
60 min.
*If you have young baby, think to bring a porte bébé/wrap.

Babe+me Bootcamp – Yes we can !
Babe+me bootcamp is inspired by those outdoor stroller workouts. Come with babe – whether baby’s in a carrier, nice and cozy on a mat of their own, or roaming around on all fours – this class is a no-judging, mom (or dad) empowering space to squat, lunge, plank, push, pull, laugh, glow and connect.

All levels.
For parents with babe 2 – 12 months
*It’s recommended that all moms have completed their post-partum pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Coming soon …

The Basement Bootcamp