Movement is at the heart of a happy and healthy kid ! Through movement (games, dance, sports, …) babies and kids develop their brains, bodies, confidence and social skills. And well, we think that is awesome ! So we’ve put together some classes for your kids to move, grow and explore.

Kids MU:V – Move, play, laugh, repeat… 

Kids are born to move (like you, too). Through fun interactive games, music and age-appropriate « fitness » circuits, kids will develop coordination, flexibility, team work skills and confidence.

Starting at 3 years
60 mins.

Kids Yoga – Tiens, ma tête en bas !

Yoga is a great way to develop a child’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. With games and activities included, poses and exercises are respectful of your child’s growing body and mind.

6 – 9 years old
60 mins.

Babe+Me Yoga – Yoga for two !

Babe+me yoga is a fun and simple way to connect with baby. For mom (or dad), yoga can (among many other advantages) boost energy, reduce tension, and improve posture. For baby, touch and social interaction are just a couple of many benefits. Poses are chosen and adapted to either include baby in your arms, or for you to move while baby is comfy on the mat. We know baby will get hungry and sometimes need a change – no big deal ! Class atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Plus, it’s a fun way to get out the house and meet other parents.

All Levels
60 mins.

Kid+me Yoga

This class offers parents (mom, dad or even nanny) an opportunity to share space and movement with their child through yoga. Connecting to one another, and to others around them, poses are taught in a fun and interactive way.

All levels
Mondays with Zoe : parents + child 1 – 3 years old
Wednesdays with Isa : parents + child 3 – 6 years old

Babe+me Bootcamp – Yes we can !

Babe+me bootcamp is inspired by those outdoor stroller workouts. Come with babe – whether in a carrier, set up nice and cozy on a mat of their own, or roaming around on all fours – this class is a no-judging, mom (or dad) empowering space to squat, lunge, plank, push, pull, glow and connect.

All levels
For parents with babe 2 – 12 months
60 mins.
*It’s always recommended that all moms have completed their post-partum pelvic floor rehabilitation