The House

The House

We love our home and want to share it with you. Our “house” offers 4 distinct rooms where you can eat, play and move. Whether you’re a little kid or a grown-up kid we want you to feel at home. So go ahead and get comfortable or let loose, laugh out loud or find a quiet moment – Our casa es su casa.

The Kitchen

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then our heart is open to you ! Our kitchen offers weekly menus full of fun and fresh, local, eco-certified ingredients (well, that’s important because we are what we eat !). We also offer fresh juices, coffee and teas – but sorry, you won’t find straws here ! Sustainable and responsable is at the core of the kitchen.

The Studio

In our studio everyBODY is WELLcome. We offer classes that will improve your daily life and well, improve the way you feel about you – at your own rythme – in a fun, relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Come alone, come with friends, or come with baby. Whether it’s in lotus position, in spine twist, in a deep back stretch or while swaying your hips – we’ll help you find a moment to connect with baby, with others, and re-connect with yourself….

The Playroom

Our Playroom is your kids room away from home. Half cushioned floor for free-spirited play, half atelier for imagination and fabrication. The Playroom is inspired by our own kids (Charlie and Viggo), and we leave just enough space for yours to make it their own. #makeroomtoplay 

The Basement

Small group training for 6 to 8 wild ones, this room is designed for HIIT, boxing,  bootcamp and circuit training sessions. It’s an underground universe for you to let that wild out. We call it the basement, but you can call it your home, sweat home.